Marion, IL High School
Memory Kit Yearbooks
Now Available!
MHS Memory Kits on CD's!
Wimberly & Associates in Marion, IL has digitized the 1954-1957 editions of the Marion, IL High School Memory Kit Annuals. 
They are now available in Adobe Acrobat PDF format on a CD-ROM. 
W&A plans to digitize the 1958 & 1959 Memory Kits soon.

Slide the CD-ROM into your computer CD Drive, and start browsing
each annual in high definition details! Future annuals may be distributed in DVD format, complete with full-motion video and other enhancements!

Each CD-ROM is $25.00 and if you purchase all four Memory Kits at one time the total cost is only $85.00, a $15.00 savings! To order contact:

Wimberly & Associates
1804 Julianne DR; Marion, IL 62959
(618) 751-0009

1954 Memory Kit

     Our Freshman year Memory Kit yearbook was distributed in May, 1954. Miss Janet Wilson was the Memory Kit faculty advisor for all four years of our high school tenure. Editor was Paula Parks. Sports Editor Staff was Dale Harris, Larry Brown. Class Editor Staff were Marilee Booth, Marilyn Talley, Judy Leach, Melanie Watkins and Janice Marks. Feature Editor Staff were Barbara Absher, Sue Cooksey, Martha DeBoe, Ardis Odum, Frances Daniel;, Phyllis Brown. Subscriptions Staff  were Mary Ann King, Kay Garrison, Paula Parks, Frances Barham and Larry Odum. Advertising Staff were Larry Brown, Larry Collins, Bob Bleinmann, and Dale Harris

1955 Memory Kit

     Our Sophomore year Memory Kit yearbook was distributed in May, 1955.   Advertising staff was Thomas Wimberly, Richard Nitterauer, Larry Brown, Tim Johnston and Tom Spiller. Subscription and Distribution staff was Shirley Darter, Edith Bankston, Julia Gibbon, Frances Barham, Pat Green, and Judy Leach.  Class Editors were Kay Garrison, Martha DeBoe, Phyllis Brown, Francey Daniel, and Janice Marks.  Feature Editors were Sharon Soldner, Ann Morgan, Ardis Odum, and Melanie Watkins.

1955 Memory Kit Class Annual
1956 Memory Kit Class Annual
1956 Memory Kit

     Our Junior year Memory Kit yearbook was distributed in May, 1956. Editor was Francey Daniel. Class and Features Editors Staff was Ann Morgan, Pat Greeen, Sharon Soldner, Ardis Odum, Julie Kaeser, and Pat Courtney. Advertising Staff was Larry Feurer, Thomas Wimberly, Tom Spiller, Bob Daniel, John Shotton, and Bob Dawe.  Picture Sales and Subscription staff was Edith Bankston, Shirley Darter, Nancy Chester, Judy Smith, Janet Chamness, Donna Anderson, Richard Nitterauer, Julia Gibbon, and Shirley Shoot.

1957 Memory Kit

     Our Senior Year Memory Kit yearbook was distributed in May 1957. Editor was Larry Feurer. Class Staff was Pat Green, Janet Chamness, Pat Courtney, and Julie Kaeser. Sports and Feature Staff was Larry Feurer, Ann Morgan, John Shotton, Bob Daniel, Nina Kay Pulley, and Iris Hudgens. Advertising and picture Sales Staff was Tom Spiller, Frank DeMonsi, Thomas Wimberly, Bob Dawe, and Tom Jeter. Picture Sales Staff was Melinda Federer, Shirley Shoot, Shirley Darter, and Judy Smith. Subscription Staff was Nancy Chester, Donna Anderson, Mary Ellen McNary, Marless Fluck and Linda Souther.

1957 Memory Kit Class Annual
     The Marion Carnegie Library, located at 206 S. Market Street, Marion, IL, houses a collection of old Marion High School Memory Kits from 1918 through the most recent year. The following years, however, are missing: 1930, 1931, 1932, 1933, 1941, 1991, and 1997. If you have a copy of one of the missing Memory Kits and would like to donate the copy to the library, contact the librarian at (618) 993-5935.