Marion, IL MHS Class of 1957
In Memorial
Of Our
  51 Deceased Classmates

Sharon Lee Adams
Carol Sue Anderson
Donna Anderson (04/12/2009)
Jack Gary Anderson
Jimmy Dale Anderson (12/23/2011)

Bill Atkisson
Jimmy Avery

Alma Boyer Neber
Sharon Lee Cogdill Skiles
Joyce Colboth Mangum

Brenda Collins Blume (01/05/2009)
Alfred Branche (02/21/2017)
George Thomas Funkhouser
Kenneth Eugene Fuller (05/15/2017)
Ray Fuller (03/09/2016)
Judy Ferguson Manning (09/20/2016)
James Thomas Goddard (01/09/2009)

Carol Joe Gulley
Charles Ray Hanselman
Joy Kathleen Harbor Eairheart
Carl Heltsley
Jerry Dean Jack
Larry Jack (12/31/2012)
Donald Ray Jackson (10/18/2015)
Carol Johnson Snoddy
Barry Leslie Jones (04/26/2016)
Nellie Pearl Jones Stewart

Bettie Louise Kelton
Donald R. Kenyon
Alan Dale Kuhn (06/10/2017)
Larry Kuzela
Ritchie Merrill
Larry Dean Mieldezis
Lynda Miner Hawkins
Nancy Jeanette McCombs Wade
Donald Gene McRoy

Barbara Ludean Neely Clark
Phylis Jean Neely
Donald Newlin
Charles Ronald Odum

Robert Dean Poole (12/10/2014)
Thelma Charlene Perry Thompson

David Levi Polinsky
Max Leon Ragain (01/30/2015)
Barbara Jean Riley
Jane Arnold Rissi (05/27/2015)

Gary Shaw
Jimmy Travelstead (04/1958)
Shirley Raye Tyler
Uline Utley Hope (7/28/2010)
Edward Dean West


Falculty and Administration
William H. Bundy
1906 - 1964
  William H. Bundy was the principal of the Marion High School during the four years, 1953 to 1957, the Class of 1957 attended. Bundy's career started during World War II when he was only 36 years old. It was part of our high school lore that Bundy was a member of the OSS (Office of Strategic Services) and collected strategic information on the Nazi (German) army for the US and it's allies.
     Bundy was 47 years old when we first attended MHS in 1953. He was 51 years old when we graduated in 1957. He died on February 27, 1964,. at the age of 57, still a very young adult by today's longivity. Bundy was born on September 30, 1906.
     We will always remember Bill Bundy as a stern but fair principal, always willing to help a student who was needing help. Bundy didn't like smoking on campus or in the bathrooms, but at that time everyone smoked (or we thought everyone did) and that smoking was not going to hurt our health. We all know differently today. Bundy tried to save us from the smoking killer that we know it is today.
  Carl B. Sorgen was a professional photographer hired by the school to take all of the high school class pictures. Carl owned Sorgen's Studio & Camera Shop at 207 N. Market Street in Marion. Carl's studio was seriously damaged by water in the 1970's from a fire that started two-doors south at the Kimmel Auto Supply. The fire then spread to Crouse Jewelry Store (located next to Sorgen's Studio) at 205 N Market. 
     After the fire, Sorgen discontinued his studio services and downsized his camera shop to a location in the basement of 201 N. Market. Carl later sold his business to another local photographer and retired. Carl (b. Aug. 5, 1904; d. Mar. 17, 1989) was survived by his wife, Hester "Dink" Sorgen (b. Oct. 8, 1907; d. Mar. 5, 1993), and a daughter Carol A. Sorgen.
Carl B. Sorgen
1904 - 1989