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     We are now having our Mini-Reunions every three months, on the last Tuesday of January, April, July, and October, at a local restaurant in the Southern Illinois area. These Mini-Reunions generally start at 5:00pm and lasts for three hours.  The next Mini-Reunion is scheduled for Tuesday, October 27, 2015, at Macklie's Pizza starting at 5:00pm. Contact Elaine for reservations.
     Once a month, the women of the Class of 1957 meet at 12 noon at a local restaurant for lunch. Generally the meeting is the second Friday of every month. The next meeting is Friday, Nov.13, 2009 at Mackie's Pizza in Marion, IL. Contact Elaine Dodds Hancock for more information and/or reservations. 
  Any time we have something of important to send to our 1957 classmates, we send out e-mails to everyone on our e-mail list. If you wish to be included in these e-mail alerts, please send an e-mail to Thomas Wimberly.
  Many of our classmates have signed-up with and are listed under 1953-1957 Marion High School  students. We neither endorse or recommend Classmates but their free service at least lets other classmates know the listed classmates has an e-mail address. We will try to provide the same type of service in our e-mail list on this site and it won't cost any fees to contact your long-lost friends.
     The Reunion Committee has a limited number of the 1997 Class Reunion Booklets available for distribution for the cost of postage and handling. If you want a copy of this rare booklet, call or e-mail either Elaine Dodds Hancock at (618) 993-3134 or Thomas Wimberly at (618) 751-0009 and we'll get a copy in the mail to you. Chick here for a preview.
  Our class has lost 44 of our schoolmates during the last 50 years due to death. The reunion committee has tried to keep an up-to-date list of our deceased classmates but we may have made mistakes. If you have a correction to the list, please contact Thomas Wimberly either by e-mail or telephone (618) 751-0009 and the list will be updated. 
     A written history, with pictures, of the different school buildings that served as a high school to the students of Marion and the surrounding areas. 
  Here is your opportunity to look at the floor plan of the High School Building that our class attended and reminisce about the good old days at MHS!  Floor plans are in PDF format and can be down- loaded and printed out on your printer.
     Right click on the image to the right and choose "View Image" for a larger image of the Loyalty Song.

     You can also click on the "play" symbol on the Quick Time icon above to hear "yours truly" try to sing the Loyalty song. No comments on my singing, please!
     The sheet music of the song states George Ashley originated this version of the song but other versions were used as far back as I can remember.

     On Friday, May 10, 1957, the Class of 1957 had their Junior-Senior prom at the "Girls Gym."
     Our class is fortunate to have film of the parade of "happy dancers" as they marched into the Orpheum Theater that night to see a movie.
     Louis Fluck produced a DVD of our Senior Year, including the parade of the "happy dancers". A copy can be obtained from Louis by contacting him at his e-mail address. For a clip of the DVD, click on the "Junior-Senior Prom"  hyperlink above. A copy of this movie has been uploaded to "".

     Right Click on each of the images and then click on "View Image" to see a larger size image. We also have full-size images available for those who wish to keep a memnto of your graduation ceremonies.

     During the four years 1953 - 1957, Thomas Wimberly, who was the staff photographer for "The Student" (our school newspaper), took over 650 pictures, many of them depict the daily school life of many of our classmates. We have selected just a few of these pictures to present on this web site. Wimberly plans to publish the entire collection in book form if there is a damand. To see the selected pictures, click on the "Class Photographs" icon on the left.
     Each year, the Annual Staff would publish a yearly class book, called the Memory Kit. A summary of the four Memory Kits published from 1954 to 1957 is included for your use.

Now Available on CD-ROM!
1954-1957 Memory Kit Yearbooks!
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