Attendees: Jim Phemister, Tom Harper, Shirley Shoot Harper, Ann Morgan, Don Helm, Pat Chester Helm, Ronald Odum, Brenda Collins Blume, Rose Marie Odum, Larry Feurer, Carl Heltsley, Thomas Wimberly, Delores Davenport Lovelace, Betty Emerson Blades, Bob Wilson, Judy Ferguson Manning, Jerry Bell, Sandra Minton Barra, Sara Morrison Ritterhouse, John Mitchell, Garry Robertson, Louis Fluck, Steve May, Helen Keay Wallace Greenwood, Carol Holland Ashton, Linda Sue Moore Bernhard, Norma Baker Fosse, Gene Childers, Michael Wiemken, Donald Jackson, Bob Poole, Donald Wilson, Eva Jean Drew, Frances James Baker, Pat Green Campbell, Elaine Dodds Hancock, Warren Douglas, Frances Merritt Bracy, Flora Clarida Reilly, and Joe Gulley.
     Teachers Attending: Margaret McNeile, Audrey Ashley, and Mary Arford

     Editor's Note: The above picture was taken on Saturday, June 26, 1982 at the Holiday Inn in Marion, IL.

Welcome, Class of 1957
June 25 and 26, 1982
   Our 1982 reunion was held just a few weeks (June) after the disasterous, deadly F-4 tornado that hit Marion at 3:15pm on May 29, 1982 and cleaned out a 100-300 foot path clear through town from West to East. While we celebrated at the Holiday Inn, many in Marion did not have a home. Ten (10) people died and over 200 were injured as a result of the storm. The damage was in the 10's of millions of dollars. We had much to be thankful for that year.
Schedule of Events
Friday, June 25, 1982
6:00pm to Midnight: Pool Party and Wiener Roast at the home of Thomas Wimberly; 1804 Julianne Drive. Food and beverages provided. Bring Lawn Chairs if possible.
Saturday, June 26, 1982
5:00pm to 7:00pm Hospitality Room, Holiday Inn
5:00pm to 7:00pm Registration and Pictures in Lobby of Holiday Inn
7:00pm to 10:00pm Dinner and Program (Holiday Inn Banquet Room) Warren Douglas was the MC for the program. Gag gifts winners: 1) Changed least - Sue Bernhard; 2) Changed Least - Mike Wiemken; 3) Most Likely Prophecy - Flora Reilly; 4) Parents of Youngest Child - Ron and Glenda Odum; 5) Most Children - Don and Kay Jackson; 6) Traveled farthest - John Mitchell.