Front Row: (L to R) Flora Clarida Riley, Betty Emerson Blades, Evelyn Walker Perry, Shirley Shoot Harper, Francis Merritt Bracy, Sue Moore Bernhard, Delores Davenport Lovelace, Pat Green Campbell, Norma Baker Fosse, Carol Holland Ashton, Helen Kaey Wallace Greenwood, Judy Ferguson Manning.
Middle Row: (L to R) Harold Short, Warren Douglas, Sharon Dettmer Simmons, Elaine Dodds Hancock, Ruth Combes Phillips, Eva Drew, Betsy Williams Lewis, Winona Wandling Katnik, Shirley Shoot Harper, Brenda Collins Blume, Unknown, Sadie Young Reynolds, Shirley Darter Eason, Sandra Minton Barra, Robert "Bob" Poole.
Back Row: (L to R) James Thomas Spiller, Thomas Wimberly, Larry Feurer, Jim Phemister, Steve May, Pat Barbaro, Jerry Bell, Louis Fluck, Bob Wyatt, Bob Wilson, Ray Fuller,  Gene Fuller, Don Helm, Randall Drury, Loren Wicks. (Photo by Rissi Studio, West Frankfort, IL)
Friday, October 18, 2002
Marion High School Football Field Parking Lot
Saturday, October 19, 2002
Knights of Columbus Hall
Sunday, October 20, 2002
Cracker Barrel Restaurant
Marion, IL
     Our 45th Year Class Reunion in 2002 was probably our best so far. On Friday evening, we watched the Marion Wildcat Football Team battle the Centralia Orphans from our Tailgate Party tent pitched just west of the football field. We enjoyed hot dogs and hamburgers while watching the Wildcats lose.
     On Saturday night, we all enjoyed a declicious meal at the Knights of Columbus Hall on North Russell Street and then settled into a program of looking backwards in time. This reunion, we hired a Disc Jockey who played rock and roll music all night. Many of the song requests were from the audience. We then ended the evening with a special "Karaoke" singing session. Many of our classmates showed their latent singing talents by performing before their peers.
     On Sunday morning, bright and early at 7:00am, we met for breakfast at Cracker Barrel Restaurant. Not all of us were bright and alert due to the previous evenings activities. But we all enjoyed the companionship and looked forward to the 50th Year Reunion, due in 2007.
6:00 PM
7:00 PM

8:00 PM
8:15 PM

9:00 PM

Registration and Class Photo
Welcome - Elaine Dodds Hancock
Memorial - Judy Ferguson Manning and
                    Betty Emerson Blades
Blessing - Rev. Louis Fluck
Backward Glance Set To Music
          1940's Sandy (Minton) Barra and 
                       Larry Feurer
          1950's Shirley (Darter) Eason
          1960's Warren Douglas
          1970's Delores (Davenport) Lovelace
          1980's Norma Baker Fosse
Dancing and Visiting Until Midnight
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