October 12th & 13th, 2007
Top Row: (LtoR) Bob Poole, Jimmy Goddard, Thomas Wimberly, Jim Phemister, Michael Wiemken, Pat Barbaro, Randall Drury, Ralph Thompson, Bob Wilson, Clyde Robertson, Bob Wyatt, Jerry Bell, Arthur Boatright, Louis Fluck

Third Row: (LtoR) Phyllis Green, Vicki Dungey, Carol Johnson Snoddy, Pat Chester Helm, Brenda Collins Blume, James Jenkins, Betsy Williams Lewis, Sharon Dettmer, Winona Wandling Katnik, Eva Drew, Evelyn Walker Perry, Carole Holland Holderfield, Lois Draper Dzankiewicz, Phyllis Owen Gray, Harold Short, Don Jackson, Tom Harper, Loren Wicks

Second Row: (LtoR) Sandra Minton Barra, Shirley Darter Eason, Francis Merritt Bracy, Pat Green Campbell, Sue Moore Bernhard, Delores Davenport Lovelace, Flora Clarida Riley, Jane Arnold Rissi, Hellen Wallace Greenwood, Carol Vanzandt Bunting, Judy Odum Mezo, Shirley Shoot Harper

Front Row (Seated) (LtoR) Norma Baker Fosse, Delores Wohlwend Voight, Warren Douglas, Betty Emerson Blades, Don Helm, Ruth Combes Duson-Phillips, Larry Feurer, Elaine Dodds Hancock, Charles Anderson, Larry Fisher, Gene Fuller, Steve May

50th Year Reunion Details
      The MHS Class of 1957 held their 50th year reunion on October 12th and 13th, 2007, at Mackie's Pizza Parlor  on Friday evening and the KC Hall on Saturday night. Everyone seemed to have a wonderful time and a lot of conversation filled the room.  Allan Kuhn did not show up but we had Elvis in the building!

     The class reunion picture (above) is now available. If you want a copy of the picture, contact the photographer listed on this page. If you want a copy of the DVD which includes all of the videos taken by Louis Fluck and Thomas Wimberly, contact Wimberly at <twimberly@mchsi.com>.      

     The DVD of the class reunion has now been completed (12/10/07) and will be mailed within a week. The committee thinks everyone will be proud of what Louis Fluck has accomplished in his DVD presentation.

     We have also acquired the Statler Brothers album for those that ordered those and will also be mailing this CD at the same time as the DVD. 

     The committee sincerely hopes everyone will enjoy revisiting the happy moments of the Class of 1957 50th year reunion!

Contact for 2007 Reunion Pictures
     If any of the attendees of the 2007 Reunion need additional pictures of the class, please contact:

Leigh Bedokis Photography
135 S Division ST
Carterville, IL 62918
Phone: (618) 985-6016
Cell: (618) 925-6026

Need More Class of 1957 Reunion T-Shirts?
     Warren Douglas can provide anyone with a Class of 1957 Reunion T-Shirt if you send him your name, e-mail address, mailing address, size of T-shirt (S-M-L-XL-XXL) and a check for $10.000 (if you live in Marion) or $15.00 if the T-shirt must be mailed. Send your order to:

Warren Douglas
12114 Laguna DR
Marion, IL 62959
Phone 618-964-1543

Or you can call or e-mail him for your order.

List of 2007 Reunion Attendees
  For a list of all of the classmates that either attended the 50th Year Reunion of the Marion High School Class of 1957 or planned to attend, click on this LINK.